Unable to login into my account after reseting my password

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing great!

It is my first post here and unfortunately I’m looking for help. During this weekend I’ve been dealing with password rotation for all my personal accounts, but unfortunately something is wrong with Netlify.

I tried several times the “Forgot your Password” flow (that was the instruction when I was logged into my account). I can confirm all the times I tried I got the reset link, but after defining a new password the system refuses to recognize my new credentials

I tried also

  • Login with my Github account
  • Login from incognito window
  • Clean-up all Netifly cached data from Chrome
  • Login from just-installed Firefox

and after all failures, right now I see myself locked out from my Netlify account :disappointed:

Am I missing something here?

In time : I raised a ticket for Netlify support as well

Thanks in advance for any tips!

We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk.