Unable to load anything in Netlify Dashboard

Hello, I am currently having the same issue.

How did you resolve this issue, I am facing the same from a long and am unable to find a solution.

Hii, how to solve this issue,

Hi @zilaid your account was marked as spam for phishing another account you will need to find another platform to host your site on.

Hello, I have a similar issue and I have not been able to resolve it on my end, I tried first uploading
then deleting a site on my account but still couldn’t. I am unbale to host or do anything with the netlify account Would you please help me, my email is hedenniskibe@gmail.com, and linked to GitHub account dennis-tech as its username

Hi, I have responded to you as well as another active community member.

Please do not open random threads. This will not increase our response time and in fact only duplicates the effort of our community members and staff. Please remember this going forward.