Unable to create user account using custom email domain

Hi there! I was trying to sign up to netlify using an email address from a domain I control to login, and I keep receiving the following errors:

  • When attempting to sign-in via email, I get the following error:

Email address is invalid.

  • When attempting to sign-in via my Github account, which uses the same domain as an email, I get:

Authentication Error: Authenticating failed due to the following error: message: Validation of User failed. summary: The following errors were found: Email address is invalid resolution: Try persisting the document with valid data or remove the validations.

This is weird, because I am able to create a support account in the forums, as I do receive the validation email from the forum service, but for some reason emails from that domain get rejected. Is this on purpose, and do I need to login using another kind of email address?

For what it’s worth, I’m using simplelogin as my email aliasing service, pointing to a custom domain to send and receive emails. I’ve used services like this and similar mostly as a spam-control measure.


What’s the email you’re trying to use?

Well, in this case it’d have been netlify@tariq-mail.bebudak.net, since Simplelogin allows me to create catch-all email addresses with my custom domain, and that’s how I keep track of which service I use for which address (the GitHub account uses something similar). Would that be a problem?

Hi @tariqk,

We use:

to validate the emails. If you think your email is valid, you can open an issue there, ask them to allow the domain and then we can implement the update on our end.

Ah, I see. Okay, I’ll see what I can do about that. I’ve noticed that my domain isn’t blacklisted on their domains, so it’s happening probably at some other level. Thank you for your assistance!

Edited to add: Ah, but I see simplelogin.co is in their disposable email domains. That’s inconvenient. I understand, however, that you could include a whitelist to exclude specific domains, but considering the fact that I’m not exactly paying money for your service yet, I don’t even think it’s appropriate to ask you to change the way you run your operation. Ok, back to the drawing board.

If you’re highly convinced that your email domain should not exist there, you can submit a PR, like this one which was submitted by another Netlify user who was blocked: