I can't access my account because i use protonmail

Well, I’am using netlify for a while now, but for 2 days now I can’t log in…
I found out that protonmail is not supported through this error message:
“Authenticating failed due to the following error: message: Validation of User failed. summary: The following errors were found: Email domain @protonmail.com is not supported resolution: Try persisting the document with valid data or remove the validations.”
Why I could use the account previously but now I can’t?
I’ve send ticket to netlify support but I havent heard from them…
What can I do?
I really need my account back for my school projects

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Netlify should not interfere with your use of ProtonMail, unless you have configured your DNS to use a custom domain with ProtonMail. Then, there might be a DNS mis-configuration, but still nothing inherent in Netlify to prevent the use of Protonmail.

Where are you seeing this error message?

Example site associated with the account: https://eager-colden-fd357e.netlify.app/

I’ve tried to login in trough github (like always) when I got this error.

@Franciszek It sounds as though the problem is with Github or your credentials, not with Netlify. With a Netlify subdomain you will not have any DNS entries, so there should be no interaction.

Can you gain access to your Github account separately, that is, without going through Netlify? Once you establish that connection, check your profile settings to ensure that you are using the e-mail account you think you are using, and check the Applications page to see that Netlify is connected.

FWIW, I just logged out of my Github account and logged back in, and it didn’t ask for my e-mail address, it gave me the option of entering my user name or my e-mail address.

Hi @Franciszek and @gregraven,
It’s true, we do not support Protonmail addresses. I have one, but I do not use it with Netlify. We block protonmail.com addresses from signing up on our service. This block was put in intentionally at our Support team’s request.

Here’s why: Protonmail’s service seems to be particularly prone to abuse. Thousands of fraudulent accounts have been created on our service over the years from protonmail.com accounts (and it has been our Support team’s job to investigate each of these). These accounts were used to attack other users on other services: phishing sites, spamming sites, etc, as well as soaking up thousands of real dollars worth of our bandwidth and staff time. It was also our job to apologize to the hundreds of people who reported being attacked from our service by these bad actors. You can imagine it is not very pleasant to be put in this position, and it is also extremely problematic for our service as our network providers sometimes shut down our CDN when abuse is reported to them. This is not theoretical, it is a situation which has occurred, and when it did, it impacted every one of our customers - which is not an acceptable situation for a business whose main feature is running a CDN that is expected to be available 24x7x365.

As a result of these situations, we made the painful decision to block protonmail, to save us from wasting thousands more dollars and cause more service degradations on our service, and more damage to the internet at large via attackers who leverage protonmail+netlify to spam and phish. We also block other domains with this problem, but protonmail was the number one offender, for several years, and so we blocked it completely and explicitly.

We love and value privacy. However, we could not and cannot tolerate the rampant and automated abuse that protonmail’s policies permitted. You are welcome to use other email services to login to our service. I see that you have a ticket in our helpdesk and we will work with you there.

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Alright, I understand.
Thank you so much and I’m waiting for the response on my ticket.
Have a great day

@jen Thanks, I was not aware of this. From the OP, i sounded as if he was able to sign up using ProtonMail, but then was unable to log back in, which got me started down the wrong track.