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Unable to create new branch subdomains

I am unable to add new branch subdomains.

I have added multiple new individual branch deploys in deploy contexts.

These new branches contexts do not appear in branch subdomain list.

Please advise.

Hi @tinny! Welcome to netlify community.

Can you let us know which one of your sites this is for, and an example of a branch subdomain you are trying to add? Thank you!

The site name is: tinny
Branch deploys: 221bbakerstreet / draw / xxx
The new branches aren’t showing up in the subdomain dropdown list.

Screen shots attached.

Hey! Something to check: have you deployed to each of these branches yet?

Yes, I can see the branch and code in GitHub.

I’ve also deleted the “codewords” branch from the Deploy Contexts but it still shows up in the subdomain list.

Could this be some caching issue on Netlify’s side?

Clarifying question: have you deployed each of the branches to netlify? you won’t be able to connect a subdomain to a branch that hasn’t been deployed yet (which is what Pie is saying above). Even if the code is pushed to GitHub, it has to have a deploy triggered on it to show up.

How do I trigger a deploy for a branch so I can connect it to a subdomain?

There are two requirements:

  • enable builds for the branch under the site settings (Site Name > Settings > Build & deploy > Continuous Deployment > Deploy contexts)
  • push a commit to the upstream repo for that branch
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