New branches not available to select in Branch Subdomains

The Branch Subdomains widget is not showing my new branches.

Previously I successfully built and deployed from one branch (e.g. “test”). Since then, I’ve created a new branch (e.g. “test2”) and that has been pushed to my remote Gitlab repo.

However when I visit – the new branch is not available to be selected. Adding the branch name first as a deploy context at does not affect this.

Q1 – how long after a branch is created should we see it as an available choice in the Branch Subdomains widget?

Q2 – is there a way to trigger whatever process scans for the new branches so there isn’t a waiting period?


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hmm, this is unexpected behaviour. Are you still seeing it?

If yes, any chance you could add some screenshots so we could take a closer look at what you are describing?

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I am facing the same issue. I can attach screenshots to show you what I mean. Unfortunately, I am a new user so I will be attaching the screenshots via an imgur link

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All explanations are on the imgur album

hey there, first of all, thanks for taking the time to bring this up! Secondly, i’ve talked with my team about this and you are actually seeing things work as intended. You will need to actually deploy on a branch to see it show up in the UI as a possibility for a branch subdomain.

Can you test this out by making a deploy of a branch, and then seeing if you can add it as a branch subdomain?

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Thanks for the reply.

Just want to note, that you are right, the staging branch DID show up but only after ~24-48hours. For anyone reading this thread in the future, you might have to for a bit before the github and netlify servers sync up!

that’s great to know, @an732001. I’ll check in with some folks and see if that is something we can make more clear or maybe even speed up a bit. glad it is working now.

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