Branch subdomains

Hi, I’m trying to add a branch subdomain to (
The branch is oak-means, which I’ve added to branch deploys and I’ve created an oak-means branch github and pushed to.
In my desperation I’ve also accidentally deployed it to my main domain. I will fix later.
I did try to set up the subdomain via A and CNAME records but I had the impression this wasn’t necessary from the docs so I deleted again.
Why is it not showing?

This is the associated repo

I hope that helps!

I’m not seeing the oak-main branch:

Any branch that you’ve added should be available to add as a branch subdomain here: Domain management | Site configuration | seanoc-art | Netlify

hi @hrishikesh, thanks for the reply, see the branch here: GitHub - invisiblegaudi/ at oak-means

Hi, the domain is using Netlify DNS. This means you can just add the branch subdomain here:

What happens when you try to add it there?

Thanks Luke.
Firstly, it is set to deploy all branches

Secondly, the branch does not appear in the drop down, in fact, it’s the only one that doesn’t

I tried adding the branch manually and still amn’t getting the subdomain

Could you try to push a commit to that branch?

Hi, @invisible. I wanted to add some detail to what @hrishikesh already stated.

The issue here is that there must be a successful branch deploy of that branch first.

There as been a single deploy targeting that branch (back on July 25th). However, the context of that deploy was a “deploy preview” and not a “branch deploy”.

So, the prerequisite of making a branch deploy with this branch has not been met … yet. If you make a branch deploy, it will appear in the list. If that doesn’t resolve it, we’ll be here to troubleshoot.