Branch subdomains and new branches bug?

It seems like I might be encountering a bug with branch subdomains – branches created after linking the project to GitHub repo seem to be absent in the list Here is how you can recreate the issue:

  1. Create a repo in Github with, say to branches: main and dev
  2. Add branch deploys for, say dev branch here settings/deploys#deploy-contexts
  3. Create a new site in Netlify, add custom domain, domain branches. All looks good. is live!
  4. Add new branch (e.g. staging) in the repo in GitHub, make sure you can see them in the GitHub UI
  5. Go back to settings/deploys#deploy-contexts and add the new branch you created (staging)
  6. Go back to settings/domain#branch-subdomains and try adding new subdomain (staging) – it is not in the list.

I might be misunderstanding the flow here, but it might look like a GUI bug to me. More info about the specific site can be provided in a DM. Thanks!

hi there, did you trigger a deploy on the branch you are trying to add? It won’t show up in the list until something has been deployed.

Thanks for the tip! I have tried initiating the build by switching the build branches and reconnecting to the GitHub repo, but I will also try to trigger it by sending a commit and get back to you.

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You were right! Adding the branch to deploy contexts and pushing a change to that branch does the trick. Maybe it should be added to the docs? Thanks, @perry!

great! glad its working. We’ll think on whether we can make this even more clear! thanks for the nudge.

Thanks for quick replies! :slight_smile: