New GitHub branches cannot be added as subdomains to custom domain

We have just updated our CI processes and migrated our site from GitLab to GitHub. New branches on GitHub do not appear in the “New subdomain” dropdown in the Domain management > Branch subdomain settings.

Our netlify site name is, the custom domain is

netlify builds are stopped, we are pushing them using the netlify CLI via CircleCI. This process is working fine and the deploys are present but only available under our domain. We would like them to be named branches under our custom domain.

Is this possible with our setup as described?

We have noticed that branch subdomains which existed before we switched to GitHub do not update properly. E.g. a GitHub push created a new build via CircleCI and has updated correctly, but has not.

Is this related?

I have read the other similar tickets here and at least one has suggested we might have to create a new site from scratch. I’d rather not do that if we can avoid it!

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Hi @RichardPenny,

Apologies for getting late to this.

Could you clarify how exactly you’re deploying via the CLI? For example, are you using the alias option? If yes, that won’t work as the description for the command says this:

Specifies the alias for deployment, the string at the beginning of the deploy subdomain. Useful for creating predictable deployment URLs. Avoid setting an alias string to the same value as a deployed branch. alias doesn’t create a branch deploy and can’t be used in conjunction with the branch subdomain feature. Maximum 37 characters.

The branch option does the same thing. So it would be interesting to know what exactly you’re doing.

Hi Hrishikesh,

No problem, we went back to netlify building our site automatically via GitHub.

We were trying to push ready-made builds using CircleCI but we couldn’t add branches as subdomains of our custom domain this way. Is this possible?


Hi @RichardPenny,

Deploys from CLI are considered as Manual Deploys and thus, there’s not an option (yet) to add subdomains for branches deployed through CLI:

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OK, thanks for your help!