Unable to approve deploys and merge user after Netlify change

I am one man team with 1 github account / repository linked under same email to 1 Netlify acct. As of today I am unable to approve any deploys and the invite or merge user screen doesn’t work. I did not receive any email about the change btw.

Hi Hilary our team is " james-barrett-signups’s team" on a Pro acct. there is just me, no other users and I only have the 1 github acct / repository. Am unable to deploy or approve my own deploys.

Its not a billing issue as such. The sys thinks I need to merge a collaborator with a user when this is not the case. It won’t let me do this in any event.

Hey @Cem_Eyi,
Sorry for the trouble here, and for the lack of communication- we did intend to notify everyone who would be impacted by this change and are working to re-email everyone we missed.

As for your builds, I’ve manually linked your Github committer to your Netlify user, so you should now be able to deploy without having your builds held. Could you please let me know if that’s not the case? I did notice that you have a committer to your CMS- the next time that person makes CMS updates, you will need to match them to a team member or invite them to your team.

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Same case with my account i am unable connect with my github getting error
Committer is already associated with a different user

Hey @mramanullah, sorry for the trouble here. I believe I’ve fixed this up for you, but please let me know if you’re still running into issues.

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Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

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