Owner level team members can't trigger builds

In my Netlify team we are 5 : 2 git contributors and 3 owner level team member. Billing is active for all. As it’s stated in this link all members have permission but so far only git contributors can trigger & deploy & merge to main branch. I couldn’t find any solution about why other 3 owner level members can’t trigger. This is my site

Hey there, @recepfed :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you share your account team name? I am not seeing any teams associated with your forums account email, and i want to make sure we are looking in the correct place. Thanks!

Hi @hillary
Team name : Normod OP
Companies owner’s login mail : operasyon@normod.com

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In order to find out what is causing the behavior you’re seeing, I will need a bit more information. Could I please see a screenshot or screen recording of what happens when one of the owners tries to initiate a deploy? This will help me find out which step in the process I need to debug.


Hi. @jrwhitmer
Let me clear the issue : one of owner level member which is kaganaydin1@gmail.com can merge from GitHub and build is being triggered in Netlify. But another owner level member which is hural061995@gmail.com when click merge in GitHub ‘pending review’ is show up in Netlify

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @recepfed :wave:

Thanks for your patience here! I have had our devs walk through this, and they would like the team Owner to disable “Require approval”, so the build goes through and hural061995@gmail.com can get matched. The account owner can then can turn off auto approval once that’s done. You can find this under Team settings - Sites.

Let me know if this gets you unblocked and if you have any additional questions!

Hi , @hillary
We followed the steps you explained and it worked smoothly,
Thanks for your help.

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That is great! Thanks for letting us know. Happy building :netliconfetti:

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this information isn’t helpful. Can you please clarify what you need assistance with so we can better assist you.