Sensitive variable policy not working. Approvals don't trigger build

We have a public repo. When non-members submit a PR, we see that Netlify does not do a deployment. Reason for this is explained well here: Get started with environment variables | Netlify Docs

The docs state that any Site Member can approve; however, as a Collaborator role, I do not see the Reject / Approve buttons in the Deploy screen… Do I need to be an Owner? Can an Owner grant this permission to specific Collaborators?

Hi @albean :wave:t6: ,

Thanks so much for reaching out and welcome to the forums! Only Site Owners and Site Members can approve pull request deployments. Collaborators do not have this permission by default.

You will need to ask the site owner to manage your role in the site settings so you can be granted the ability to approve or reject a request.

This is a little confusing. “Site Member” is not a role. I am already listed under the “Site Members” section with the Collaborator role.

  • Site > the site.
  • Site Settings > Site members on the side bar
    I am part of this list of “Site Members”, but with Collaborator role.

We don’t see any way to give Collaborators the ability to Approve, without making them FULL ACCOUNT OWNERS!!!

Please let me know if I missed something

Hey @albean,

We’ve raised this with the developers for clarification. We’ll let you know as we have more info.

hey @hrishikesh any updates here?

None so far, I’m afraid. I think the issue has been identified, but it’s yet to be fixed.

Hey @albean,

This should now be fixed!