Transfer DNS custom domain setup to another user/app

I would like my new app (for user XYZZY [let me know whether this is required info]) to get DNS record as for app (for user FOOBAR [let me know whether this is required info]).

The domains for have custom entries for

  1. the primary domain with Netlify DNS
  2. as the redirecto to primary, as well under Netlify DNS

When I try to set similar custom domains in the aiu-portla, I am told the entry is alredy managed by another / Netlify DNS.

Even if I delete the custom entries in I am still not able to add them on the side.

Any hints at how I can solve the issue?
Thanks a lot in advance for any

PS: I am managing both XYZZY and FOOBAR

Hi @espinielli,

Thanks for reaching out!

If I’m understanding correctly, you want to use the domain and subdomain on site aiu-portal instead of where they are currently assigned on site pru-portal?

If so, then you would need to delete the domains from here:

And also remove the DNS Zone from here:

After they are removed, you would be able to add the domains to site aiu-portal.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Melvin,
Thanks for reaching out.

What you suggested is exactly what I tried but it did not succeed…
on the new app side it was still claiming the DNS entry was managed externally of by Netlify DNS

Hi, @espinielli. You have two teams. One is using the same email address as being used for this support forum and a second team is using a different email address where the site aiu-portal is found.

If you log into the account using the same email address as the forum account, you can delete the DNS zone here:

However, if you don’t have access to that email address anymore, you can also use this process below to verify DNS control and we can delete the DNS zone for you:

Please let us know if there are any questions or if you create the DNS verification record.

It looks like there is some caching going on on Netlify side, because

  1. I deleted the DNS records for (account 1)
  2. tried to add the domain just released without success in (account 2)

At 2. I am told that the DNS record is still held by Netlify DNS.

Could you let me know whether this is plausible?

The solution was the kind transfer by the support Team: THANK YOU!

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