Remove DNS from Netlify team so we can move to a different Netlify team

In my own Netlify team I have a site named that was connected to the domain This is a site I built for a client years ago, and they are taking over managing it from now on.

I’m moving this site to a new Netlify team where I need to hook DNS up to the site.

When I attempt to add a custom domain to the site on the new Netlify team, I see the following error: or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.

I think I’ve disconnected all DNS from the old site and removed the Netlify DNS records from my host and also in my own Netlify team.

I saw in this post that we should make a new topic for help with this issue.

Need us to complete a verification for you? Please start a new topic and let us know your site name or API ID , and the domain you are trying to add.

Thanks for any help,
Mike Mathew

I also added a DNS record on the domain host with the following information:

TXT @ verified-for-netlify=103231 TTL=15 min

I’m going to reconnect the DNS records like they were until I hear an answer here. I’ve left their website completely down for over 12 hours.

It is odd that if I delete a custom domain from a Netlify site and remove all of the DNS records in the domain host, I still cannot add the custom domain to a different Netlify site in another team. Is this expected behavior? It seems like most people have an issue where they no longer have access to the old Netlify site (or deleted it).

My situation is that I can see the DNS records for the domain in, and I’m signed into two different Netlify teams in two different browsers. But removing all old DNS and custom domain stuff related to the still won’t let me add the custom domain to the new site

Any help would be appreciated. This seems like a bug unless I overlooked a step, which is entirely possible!

I needed to remove the DNS Zones from my team settings at this url:

I’ll try again in a little while once the Netlify TTL has expired.

Ok, got it all working. Somehow I deleted the custom domain in the “old” Netlify team, but I must have added it back on accident. Not enough sleep and not enough coffee. :sweat_smile: