Deletion request of DNS zone

Hello team.

I’m trying to re-set up a custom domain for my site “”.
I’ve previously had this site on a different account with the custom domain “”.

I just deleted my domain from my other account and since I didn’t need it anymore I’ve also deleted the whole account.

I’m trying to set up the site in the same way in this account, but unfortunately I get the following error message:

" or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team."

I understand that even if I deleted the domain and the account, the DNS zone might still be up and that’s why I’m getting this message. Is there any way you could delete my previous DNS zone so I can use my domain again?

Thank you for your time

Hi @pauIbanez,

Since you no longer have access to the other site or team settings, our Support team can remove the link between this domain name and the other Netlify site/team - provided you can verify ownership or control of the domain.
We have a guide in our Support Forums that explains how to create the verification record here:

If the verification TXT record is created, our support team will be happy to delete the configurations for this domain from the other account.

Please let us know when you have created the TXT Record so we can verify. Thanks!

Thank you for your response @Melvin.

the TXT record is created with the name:


and value of:

Thank you for your time!

Dear Melvin,

I’m currently having similar concern.

I woke up to an email today saying my (2weeks old) one of my Netlify account was flagged and I’m currently on a dialogue with the support team.


I have a newly added domain name that best be deleted at this point since the situation may affect a deadline meet up I have with a project.

Since I would be communicating with the same email identified with the account, I need Netlify to remove the DNS record they have with the domain ( so I will be able to use it with my other account that is up to 3years since I noticed the new Netlify auto verification is not at best functionality for new signups.

The TXT record is now reachable

Hiya, I have removed the DNS zones from the other account. You can now add this domain to your account.

Sure, but you will first need to set a TXT record for this domain. Right now this is what I see when I check:

 % host -t txt 
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Please follow the instructions in this support guide and set a txt record with the link of this thread in the value.

SamO, I just added the necessary txt record on my domain ( DNS.

Please proceed in removing my domain from Netlify DNS.

The name is set to with the post url as value.

Thank you.

Hiya, thank you for your patience, i have removed the dns zones from this above domain.

Thank you for your time. I will be happy to confirm it now.

Sending my regards :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: