A DNS zone for this domain already exists under my old Netlify account

“A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account” error creating DNS zone for “{myname}.dev”

I deleted my old Netlify account, which had a project with the registered domain. I recreated a new Netlify account using the same Github account. When I tried to add the domain to my new project, the above error message pops up. May I request assistance in deleting my old Netlify account?

Our UI tells you when you delete the account that you will not be able to reuse DNS Zones, so no surprise that this happened. In the future, do not delete your Netlify account if you plan to keep using Netlify in the future.

For now, we need to know the real domain name of your DNS Zone to help you out. In the future, please do not use fake placeholders when you report a problem as it slows us down in fixing your problems :slight_smile:

Hi @fool, I apologize for the double post. The real domain name of my DNS zone is kevinhan.dev. Thank you very much.

No problem, just wanted to prevent future problems :smiley:

I’ve removed the DNS Zone from our system so you can set it up again.