Domain Ownership (DNS Zone for the domain already exists in diff account)

“A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account” error creating DNS zone for “”

I want to link to my current account, linked up to my github, how can i do that? (i have ownership of the domain)

Hi @rubenmarcus! Welcome to netlify community.

What is the name of the Netlify site where you are trying to add the “” domain?


Thank you. We need some more info from you in order to help, so I will follow up with an email to complete your request.:slight_smile:

Laura, i dont have access to the account you sent me at email. The account was linked to and old employer i used to work, i dont have the email anymore, neither the access.

Hmmm…ok, I will send you alternate instructions via email. Let’s use that email thread only going forward, to keep all details in one place. Thanks!