Traffic limitations and bandwidth use

I would like to ask a question regarding the bandwidth use and traffic limitations per month. I am using a hosting service on another platform and I would like to move to Netlify. I have more than 30 000 user visits per month and I expect that number to rise as my business is starting to get popular. I have no problems to upgrade to a payed plan but before doing that I want to make sure that I will have enough support from Netlify services.

My question is what is the estimated bandwidth that my website might get and how mush traffic can it handle daily and monthly? How mush will it cost?

Hi @MrYouu - welcome to our Support Community!

So my first thought is that the answer really depends on what exactly your average visitor is doing during their average session.

For example,

  • Why do visitors come to your site? If it is something that has a countdown timer with thousands of people watching it, for example, concert tickets go on sale at 10:00, it’ll be a lot more impactful than say, for example, sending out a snail-mail newsletter which will result in people visiting the site over a much wider time window.
  • What pattern does your visitors take? Scenario 1: users login and browse all over your site, watching videos and posting forms and using functions, vs Scenario 2: users read a single landing page and bounce. Scenario 1 involves more loads of more content and more involved services, so that one is more impactful.
  • How heavy is your site’s average pageload? You can gauge this in dev tools by loading a few pages and looking at the total asset size in the tools.

I’d suggest that you do something like record HAR files of the typical user journey and do the math on how much was sent (HAR file will show the total), and then multiply by 30k.

To help you pick a plan, our Starter plan comes with 100GB of bandwidth usage per month for free. Our Pro plan ($19/seat) comes with 1TB per month included.

I hope that helps!