Netlify traffic capacity limits

Hi, I have a project where we might get some spikes in access (in the thousand of users accessing at the same time), and I need to know that Netlify can handle this easily, but I cannot find any information on Netlify’s capacity, only on the bandwidth limits. Is there any information about how much traffic Netlify can handle, and does this change depending on the plan? As an extreme example, if I had 100.000 users fetch a 1MB website at the same time (but just once), would I be ok with the free plan (100GB bandwidth limit), could Netlify handle this?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, @fvieira-moscadigital :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! You can check out our pricing page here, which outlines the bandwidth allotted to each Netlify plan.

Can you share a bit more about the type of project you plan on launching? This will help me answer your questions better. Thanks!

Hi Hillary, thank you for your reply.
The project is really simple, for the purpose of this conversation you can imagine it’s a landing page, just one with some viral potential, which is why we need to understand Netlify’s capacity.
So, I already know about the bandwidth limits, that’s not the problem, what I need to understand is just if on the free plan I have the access to the same traffic capacity (capacity for concurrent accesses) as on higher plans, or in other words, if I get tens of thousands of people accessing the website at once, as long as I don’t go over the bandwidth limits, Netlify handles it fine?

Netlify handles the traffic fine. But, we usually ask our users to let us know in advance if they’re going to experience high traffic. This is so that our reliability team doesn’t think of this as an attack and disable your website. We usually ask for the following (best estimates):

  1. Date and time (with timezone) of the traffic spike along with duration
  2. Distribution (is it globally spread or concentrated to a single location)
  3. Page views
  4. If you’re using Netlify Functions (and expecting them to have a traffic spike too)

CDN traffic is usually not a problem, but Functions might run into problems at extremely high invocations.

Hi Hrishikesh,

I’ll try to answer as best as I can:

  1. The campaign should start on the first week of January (not sure how long it will last, but should be quite short lived), so we expect a traffic spike when the campaign starts (as it will start through an email sent to thousands of people), but there might be others if the website get viral on Reddit or Hacker News, for example.
  2. Globally spread
  3. No idea here, it totally depends on how viral this becomes, it might stay in the low thousands but has potential to hit millions.
  4. No, we’re not using functions

Alright, if at all you get any better estimates like the exact dates and times of the event, that would be better. But we have some info for now.

We also recommend a few things:

  1. If you’re using external DNS, make sure your primary custom domain is the www subdomain.
  2. Make sure your files are not huge in size (usually lesser than 1 MB) so Netlify is able to cache and so it doesn’t overload our servers in case it goes in millions.


Sorry for the necromancy, but how high should the spike be when it is necessary to tell Netlify in advance? We’re just having a spike to about 1000 users immediately after a ticket release but from current quite low traffic.

Hey @MathTauAthogen,

1000 users might not be something you should be worried about. While there’s no good number, but it’s definitely much higher. However, even with 1000 users, if you’re expecting too much bandwidth usage, or big file streams, it’s always good to let us know.