Query regarding expected traffic spikes

Hi there,
We’re hosting a micro-site campaign for users to interact with for a consumer product.
The campaign will run for 50 days or more, and the site itself is only under 2 MB, as the media content is S3 hosted and the site itself is low in size.
We expect a massive spike in traffic in the coming weekend, the launch date of the campaign. ( due to history of such traffic on all of our such campaigns and the sheer size of the ad campaign )


  1. Do we need to do anything on Netlify to manage the traffic, or is this handled automatically on the plan?
  2. Would Netlify block any incoming traffic due to an unexpected heavy load of traffic or spike in traffic?
  3. Do we need to give any advance notice?
  4. Do we need to move to another plan, or is that done automatically?

Please advise, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. I can provide more details on a dedicated support as I cannot expand on this further on a public forum.

  1. The traffic is handled automatically.
  2. We would block any malicious (malicous to the network, not to a particular site) requests and IPs that would try to spam or DDoS Netlify.
  3. Let us know the site name, and we can treat this request as your advance notice.
  4. You’d automatically be charged for any account limits you cross.