Testing Business Plan Features Without Having a Business Plan

Hello there!

Is it possible to test Business Plan features like visitor access control without having that plan?

My organization is considering hosting a website on Netlify for a weekend event next year, but the budget may allow for us to have the website up on a Business Plan for only a month.

Thank you!

Hi @willowell! Most of our features work at every plan level. What are you missing access to? Perhaps I can help you find a way to test without an upgrade :slight_smile:

(most of our features work for small usage for free - the main ones that don’t, are extra collaborators and site passwords, and you can test site passwords on a cheaper pro plan if that’s your need, and collaborators are already available on Starter plans at $15/ea/month so you can test more cheaply there if you need).

Hello @fool ! I’d like to test visitor access control - that is, gating content on the website off based on the user’s tier. For instance, we want to require that everyone signs up on our website before logging in, and we want to require users buy a premium ticket to access premium content.

The Pricing page says we would need a Business plan for that, so I’d like to know if I can test that on a Starter plan.

Am I able to make a few fake users to test that on a Starter plan?

hi @willowell,

i don’t believe it is possible to test that on a starter plan unfortunately. If I’m understanding correctly, you would need a Pro plan for that functionality, which starts at $19 a month per member: