Switching domain between sites


Old site is www.awfullygood.org

If I want to transfer the domain, do I need to delete the old site on here before I can switch to the new one?

I have updated the details in Namecheap.


hi there, when you say, “transfer the name” - are you looking to associate that domain (awfullygood.org) with a different netlify site, or, did you buy the domain through netlify and are looking to move off our service?

i think you are meaning the former, in which case you can delete the domain from https://hilarious-kulfi-b2b351.netlify.app/ and then use it for a different site, but if you mean the latter, this is the flow:

Hi Perry,

Yes move awfullygood.org from one netlify site to another. I didn’t want to delete it without checking as we’ve got the SSL cert setup and I can see the site having that annoying ‘unsafe’ message for a few days while it sets up on the new site. I take it there is nothing I can do with that?

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Perry,
I want to move a domain name (4ksoftwash.com) from an old Netlify account that I completely lost access to, to a new one I created, is there a way to do that ?

@JohnPMills - i have asked a Support Engineer on the best way to do this to minimize downtime. He comes on shift in a few hours so we will have a response for you soon.

@blaqinq4ksoftwash876 - your case is a bit different if you lost access to the netlify acct. (we can maybe get you that back). I’d recommend you go through these steps - assuming that you weren’t using Netlify DNS you should be able to create a DNS record that proves you own that domain, like so:

if you were using Netlify DNS, and you are locked out of the corresponding netlify acct…we’ll have to take you through some secondary verification. let me know if you can create the verification record first as indicated above and we’ll cross the other bridge when we get there.

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Hi, @JohnPMills. As long as there is an existing SSL certificate for that domain on another site on that team (and there is), that certificate will automatically be used for the new site on the same team. The SSL will work immediately.

I did check and both sites are on the same team. About avoiding any downtime when making DNS changes, this blog post is our best resource:

It recommends uploading a third-party SSL certificate but that is only if you are moving a new domain to Netlify and don’t want the SSL delays. Again, as you have working SSL on an existing site for this team and the same domain name, you won’t need to worry about that.

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Awesome. Thank you very much!

I was using Netlify DNS, when I try to add a txt record it’s saying “We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.”

Hi, @blaqinq4ksoftwash876. The domain in your case is managed by GoDaddy. The steps to resolve this are this:

  1. At GoDaddy, change back to their name servers.
  2. Create the verification TXT type DNS record at GoDaddy.
  3. Reply here to let us know when that is done.

Our support team will then confirm the DNS record. If it exists, we will remove the domain from the other site and team. We will then reply to you to let you know.

If there are questions about any of that processes, please let us know.

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I have completed the following steps, what now ?

The domain has been removed from the other site.

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