[ Support Guide] How to use the API to increase your site's build time limit

Hi! I am trying with 1800 and I still get the unprocessable entity error, what could be wrong with this syntax?
Thanks in advance!
netlify api updateSite --data ‘{ “site_id”: “afbc239e-4133-4f55-9134-2396f4106168”, “body”: { “build_timelimit”: 1800 } }’

If this is the exact command used below:

then it would be the unicode “smart quotes”, meaning the , , , and characters (as opposed to the " and ' characters).

Try this exactly below by copy/paste and please let us know if you still get the error:

netlify api updateSite --data '{ "site_id": "afbc239e-4133-4f55-9134-2396f4106168", "body": { "build_timelimit": 1800 } }'

Hello, Luke. Thanks for your guid.

Our site is here.

id: 1b17e77b-e5cd-4e17-bce9-925d186b9175

This building time is taken 40mins ~ 80mins.
I can’t set limit over 1800sec.
Could you set the building limit time?
And if possible, could you add this feature using cli with api like this support guid?

Best Regards.

The build time for that site is set to 105 minutes.


I would like to have our maximum build time increased to 120 minutes.

The site id is 87e48851-7cea-4b77-961f-01b3a3c63c53

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Hi, in order to do this as you are on a starter account. Can you please add a payment method on file? This is for any bandwidth charges you may incur.

Thank you!


I activated the free trial. A Payment method was added to the account. Could you please increase the build time to 120 minutes?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Hi, I upgraded this for you. Please re-deploy your site to see this take effect.


I have the same problem (JSONHTTPError: Unprocessable Entity). Can you increase the build time limit to 30 minutes for the site with ID “5d48543a-d525-48c6-acfd-ee30e7a2776e”?


I’m encountering a similiar issue to a few of those in this thread (JSONHTTPError: Unprocessable Entity) when running the command:

netlify api updateSite --data ‘{ “site_id”: “03ec7f1c-2ccf-40bd-9b72-59173b7e901f”, “body”: { “build_timelimit”: 1800 } }’

Am I able to request this be changed?

@barque_glob0a @whycantidraw Hi, we can increase this once you add a payment method to your account, to account for any extra charges that may occur

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Ah, apologies, cheers for that insight - the API call works once there’s actually billing information in the account.

I’m trying to migrate from Gatsby Cloud and bumping into the build time limit. Can I have site ID “6fcec1f4-c726-49ce-9109-5eb48d0aef3a” increased to 2400 (40 mins)?

Hi @washabledryink, this is done.

Thank you hrishikesh

Hi, I am here also from gatsby. Please increase to 1 hour 30 minutes (5400) for site id e5cfcf18-529a-413f-a234-9290d12a00a3


@petrkrizek I’ve increased your build time limit to 90 minutes

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Hello, can I please get a build time increase to 45min for site ID: 9287b109-f356-4695-9006-d1696bcf73c7? Thank you!

Hi there! we can definitely bump your build timeout, but you’ll need to be on the Pro tier for us to make that change - that’s a requirement that applies to everyone who wants a bigger timeout. You can upgrade to Pro easily through the Netlify UI dashboard.

If you let us know when you have upgraded, we can change the settings for you!

Hello, PRO package is enabled on the account and the payment card is plugged in.