Increase build timeout

Please increase build timeout for my project:

Team: Headphones James’s team

name: bobstrology

site id: c5fe181f-ed8f-4c46-9cb5-fe5d8b0c6600

If it was bumped to 60 it would be perfect. Currently builds in about 20 mins.


@generalfuzz I know this isn’t what you’ve asked, and you may already be aware, but if you’re so inclined you can use the API to increase the build limit to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Just mentioning it as a way that you could “keep going” without waiting for support.

Anything over that (like the 60 minutes you’ve requested - which is the maximum they provide) requires the support team’s manual intervention and they’ll be along eventually.

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It’s been bumped to an hour.

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Thanks to both @nathanmartin and @hrishikesh for the prompt assistance! Really appreciate it!