Failing build: Failed to build site and Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi, @Melvin would you be able to increase my building limit in these domain, please? Thank you and I appreciate your help.

@niel If you’re comfortable working with the CLI/API this is something you can self-service (up to 30 minutes).


I can see from your post history that you’ve run into it a few times, so being able to tweak it yourself may be a time saver.

Hi @niel,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve increased the build time limit for the two sites to 45 minutes (from the default 15 minutes). Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi @nathanmartin thanks for the information! I’ll give it a try. If I run into any issues or need further assistance, is it alright to reach out? Cheers!

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the quick response and for increasing the build time limit for the two sites. This should help us a lot, while we’re in the process of optimizing all our existing headless sites. I’ll keep an eye on the build times and let you know if we encounter any further issues.

Thanks again for your support!