Support for private submodule keys

I used to request keys for private submodules via chat, but with the new support structure (1000$/month) I’m not sure where to get that support.

Any guidance?

from: [solved] Build Ok on local, images missing on Netlify (they are on a separate private repo and I have a git submodule))

  1. NOTE: It will only work on the site the key is generated for; we have to generate separate ones for other sites, so feel free to ask if you need that.

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. As outlined on our pricing page, all user tiers on Netlify get support - not just paid plans :slight_smile: So no worries about that going away.

Our free tier support offering is this community - but of course, all other user levels are encouraged to look around here as well - we have a vast array of useful information. That said, for some things, privacy is preferable, even for starter tier users, and while keys for private submodules can only be used by you (and no one else) you could open a post in the #admin section of this site, and we’ll get in touch with you in a more private way if it becomes necessary.

A little more information is also available here.

Thanks for the update.

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