I have a private question / sensitive information

Do you have a question regarding your site you think that might be better off handled out of the public eye?

Examples for this might include compromised sites, billing questions, and problems with passwords, security/hacking/phishing concerns, copyright/DMCA and piracy, or other situations in which information is too sensitive to be exposed in a public forum. :slight_smile:

In these cases, please post a detailed note below outlining why you feel your issue should be resolved privately - if we can resolve the problem you are experiencing without disclosing sensitive information in our forums, we will. However, in the rare cases where a private conversation is necessary, we will contact you in a private way where we can discuss the best path forward.

Please do note that this does not mean that you will get faster attention from our Support staff - our response times will vary depending on support load and on your account level. We aim to respond to free/starter tier customers within 2 business days. Customers on paid teams get faster support, and guaranteed support response times are available for purchase as well. :muscle:

Dumb question, but are items posted to #admin hidden from other users by default? I see some public posts in this forum so I’m not sure if the question I ask will be shown to all users.

no, they are not hidden! But you can give us some generic information so we know who you are, and then we’ll move things to a private area and can ask more specific questions. :slight_smile:

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