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The primary contact for my company’s site recently left the company without providing much information other than our site is hosted by Netlify. Trying to find out how I can transfer ownership and get more information about services provided. The site currently has broken links that need to be fixed. How can I get these issues resolved?

Hi, @andre.aponte, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

We have sent you an email about finding the login for this account. We’ll complete the process using that email for communication.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive it.

Hi :slight_smile:
I seem to be having some issues logging into Netlify with my GitHub account… it keeps redirecting me to reset my password and then says access denied.
My email is megan_cassidy123@hotmail.co.uk

Heya @MeganCassidy and sorry for the trouble! I think this was an artifact of a bad deploy of our own service on friday around when you posted. Could you try clearing your browser’s local storage for app.netlify.com and api.netlify.com and let me know if you can login then? I did take a look at your account and it isn’t locked from our side, but we did have a problem last week that could have led to this behavior and that’s the fix!

Hi, I made an account to submit a report. I couldn’t find any other way to do so from your websites options.

I found a previous thread about a phishing scam that got shut down by the admins and I found a similar issue.

heres the post I found. Netlify used for Phishing

So what I’m posting about is this website which is a remake of the facebook login screen that was sent to me by a facebook friend and then told me he didn’t send it, told him to take care of that. Anyways here’s the link:


dazzling einstein didn’t turn anything up on google but netlify.app did so that’s why i’m here. This looks like it violates your TOS sec 4 point 11 by gaining unauthorized access to facebook by undermining the security of a users login info.

Hi @guesthero99! Welcome to netlify community.

Thank you for the report! We have disabled the site and banned its creator from our service.

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this abuse of our platform.

In the future, you may send these reports to fraud@netlify.com

Thanks again!

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Hi! Please I deployed my website yesterday www.ramcaiyeola.com up till now I have been getting a page not found message…can you be of help?