SSH Key for Private Submodule

Good Afternoon,

I was just looking through the instructions on how to setup a deploy for a site that has a private submodule as a dependency. After looking through other requests for SSH to add to Github it seems this is the typical approach :smile:

The site in question is trace-product-viewer, if there’s any other information needed just let me know!

Sure thing, here you go:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQD4Ozs4zxu+nvuv/y7BE2CWmsWzU+oZQRJuvf7dlTDNEwDOu7xhwQVgjcwpQJHlQOUGIOb8xzK11SunKgVakqTaevUXu8S6kavr2sVUGATtI2Ne/Lk1NQLQOxmUem9yGyBh5SNZk0dzQjNdAOyUoov9U0kgXRA9JtDBVmKTL6TXz3x33zRHuHCpE3cYL6xnrrZuXlFwBPsvBPz5DzvE4r6+8a9/f9vu3rzK3GWcLqGdto2k59pdmohwZlfIh5laUwFJd5hW+zEPdFEBa/hWInnOzkmV6ppwO27fimxoXHl065j9yGHQ20jz8RtiMnfZqVhTXlBfIWWz9Av1d7gYB7wN

(This is safe to send publicly as at worst it allows other people to permit Netlify to read their repos; won’t expose yours in any way :))

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Thank you! Working like a charm :star_struck: