Preivate repo deploy key + Docker builds

I have 2 queries.

  1. I have a git submodule that needs to be pulled along with the main repo. I was asked to contact support, but netlify pushes me to get premium support for it, so instead here I am. I wish there was a way to automate this, wherein I set up the deploy keys so that I don’t have to bug netlify support. This also allows me to rotate deploy keys for security purposes. I hope I have this understood fairly well :stuck_out_tongue:.

  2. To get over this issue, I wanted to use a custom docker container that has my ssh credentials for the private repos. I tried to use rootless docker in my build file, but that doesn’t seem to work as some packages are missing (?). Here’s the GitHub issue I filed. Would be heckin great if I can run docker in there!

Thank you all, for your time.

hi @Siteme - think we issued you a deploy key in the other thread. Is your 2nd question still relevant now?

Thank you for the deploy key!

Would be great if the second use-case was supported! It would also allow me to have some custom code in the site generator.

makes sense. Could you file a post in #features outlining your use case and the benefits so that other people can weigh in? the more details the better, and more likely we will file a feature request and scope the work.

Alrighty! I’ll post it the first thing tomorrow.

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