Subdomains show up as 404

As expected in the screenshot, branches was added to branch subdomains. Even after 5 days, they are still not up. No deploys could be found for them neither. Should I redo the list or other solutions?

The deploys might hav got deleted: Manage deploys | Netlify Docs which is why it’s showing a 404.

I’ve tried to deploy off specific branches (same subdomains) which doesn’t seem possible so far as I’ve looked. @hrishikesh

I’m sorry, I did not understand. Are you saying you tried to push commits to some branches?

Sorry for the late response.

No, I’m saying I don’t see options to deploy certain branches, it seems to be only deploy history where I can (which is only the beta branch). @hrishikesh

You need to push a commit to those branches to deploy those.

Turns out I literally had to do like 30 commits to 30 branches. Just typed deploy as the file name, and typed nothing in the content.