Subdomain already managed other Netlify DNS

Hello I want to add my domain by when I click on add new domain and enter domain name then it shows error like domain is already managed by other netlify dns.
I don’t know the exact issue I just purchased the domain I didn’t used this domain on netlify before. After reading your forum on this issue you ask to verify the domain I have also put the TXT record in my domain name - I will attach the screenshot please check this issue and help me to connect my domain

my domain which I want to add is -

Hi the DNS zone has been removed from the previous account so you should be able to add this domain to your account.

Hello, I just checked still showing same error. Please help me. I m leaving here my error screenshot…

please help me I m not able to add my domain -

I already put txt record by for verification.
host - verified-for-netlify
value -
TTL - Automatic
this record I put Please help me my domain name -

I m not able to add my domain still in my netlify account. Please let me know if you can help I need to submit my project today but domain not connecting please please help me :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @digital230 I apologize for the delay with this and I hope you can still submit your project in a timely manner. I just removed the DNS zone it took some time for us to locate the domain. Please let me know if you are not able to add this domain on your end and I will escalate accordingly.

Hello thank you so much my issue solved now my domain added