Students unable to create accounts on Netlify

A number of students create accounts through Github but their accounts are immediately unable to access netlify. They get auth errors, email is already used errors etc. There’s nothing to reset and I tried unlinking and relinking the access via their Github settings. Please advise

Just moving my students to Vercel for now. Would really love to use netlify but have 30/150 students unable to login to Netlify or link their Githubs.

Hi, sorry to hear your students were blocked from signing up for our platform. In the future if you’d like to use our platform for your students just reach back out and I can send you to our helpdesk where you can provide a list of students who were blocked and we can remove the block from their accounts.

I will def do that. I personally prefer Netlify to Vercel. I’ll create a list of emails and reach out to the helpdesk in the future.