Signup Account Flagged

Hello, I just tried creating an account last Thursday night. After signing up my account was instantly flagged for no reason. It gave me the option to send an email for help or “Quickly” share my passport, driver license, or identity card. So I went to the email option, drafted and submitted one, but I never got a response back.
I need this netlify account linked to github for a programming class I am taking and will fall behind if this is not fixed.
My intentions is to use this 1) for my class and 2) I’ll need it most likely after for a job. I have never used my account and should not have been flagged and blocked for suspicious activity in the first place.
Can you please unblock my account and fix this problem?

I also saw this in the forum where you bypassed 15 students, I myself am a student and cannot verify via stripe. I am stressing out and don’t know what to do at this point.

Can you try signing up with your university email address?

Unfortunately I don’t have a university email because I am homeschooled; the programming class I am taking is an online course for both homeschool and public schoolers I think. But can’t you just unblock my account ? I haven’t done anything except signup, and I can’t verify myself with the information they want. You can probably even review my account actions and you’ll see I did nothing but signup.

I can escalate this to the fraud and abuse team to take a look at your email. Would you mind sharing the email you wrote in with?


Will I receive an answer from this forum or by email from the fraud and abuse team?

Via email. Stay tuned. Thank you!

Sounds good, thanks for helping me out.

I have the same problem, as soon as I signup with my GitHub account, my account was flagged and i was told to authenticate my details which i tried to do but it was not accepted, I then tried signing up with my email, but I couldn’t still connect my GitHub with my Netlify account. I am running an online course where I am on submission deadlines but now, I’m stuck., please, I need my account verified so I can continue with my work. My email details; thank you.

hi, thanks for writing in. We just sent you another verification link to your email. Please make sure that the document you submit is from the approved list here.. If you are unable to verify your ID you’ll need to signup for a pro tier or higher account or migrate to another platform.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you for your assistance, I couldn’t complete my verification again, keep saying my identity cannot be verified.

I understand perhaps you can try on another device but unfortunately at this time there is nothing more I can do.