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Starter Plan with Functions Level 0

So I am new to Netlify. I am using the the Starter Team Plan and I am also using Functions Level 0. When I reach the limit on those, will might site just shut off to the next month starts or will I be billed for overages?

Hi, @jrock2004, when the existing Starter plan limits are exceeded, the required add-on or upgrade is automatically applied. There are charges for these add-ons as covered on our pricing page.

If no payment is made (for example, because there is no card on file) the account will eventually be disabled. We’ll notify you by email when limits are exceeded to give you time to pay or to move to a different service if you refuse.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Is there a way to setup notifications when you come close or to a certain number? Also is there a reason why my usage is only updated once a day? That seems off to me

@jrock2004, i believe we email you to warn you as certain usage thresholds are being crossed - you should receive more than warning, so you’ll definitely know when you are getting close!