Free plan limits and how they affect me app?

Hi. I am on the Netlify Free Plan and wanted to know a bit about how the bandwidth limits are applied. My Netlify App is a simple (pretty small) React App that generates Passwords. ( a project I made with my organization as we found out our previous tool (another website) was using Google Analytics which likely sees page contents. If you view it its extremely simple there’s a few flags for generator options and it’s a static site. I am concerned as to the what-ifs where the site suddenly became super popular. Would the app be suspended if there was too much traffic? Understandably Netlify has to make money and at some point it’ll make sense for me to get the $19/month plan I’m not sure when or what I should keep in mind concerning the bandwidth limit.

According to Firefox’s network tab with a shift refresh the network traffic is 434.42 KB / 105.16 KB transferred. 100000000kb (100gb limit) / 434.42kb = 230,191.980111 app loads. I don’t think a tiny password generator will ever have that many users let alone all pulling the entire app in a day but I did want some idea on what I should prepare for billing wise when the time comes.

If you add a card to your account, you’ll be auto-billed. So, even if you get popular overnight, you won’t have to worry about bandwidth. As soon as the 100 GB limit exhausts, a $19 package would automatically be added.

Also, you get e-mail notifications about the plan nearing exhaustion. Furthermore, if you don’t add a card, you do get some grace period I suppose. However, failure to pay within it might lead to suspension.

Basically, you would get enough time to pay in case this happens.

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