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Free plan usage limit

I’m using the server to deploy a React application. It is not large so it is nowhere near 100GB of the free plan. I’m deploying from a git hub repository.
However I have a doubt, that my application consumes a google sheets api that has a lot of data (these google sheets data could go over 100gb). The sheets can get so big because it has images inside it.
Does such data count towards the limit of the free plan?

Hi, @MatheusRibak, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

You are billed for the bandwidth used when data is sent from our CDN nodes to the users web browsers. So bandwidth used when building the site isn’t counted.

If your site makes the API calls to the Google sheets during the site build, that is not counted. If your site makes API calls from the end users browser to the Google sheet directly, that also would not count as bandwidth at Netlify. Netlify CDN nodes don’t send that data, Google does.

So, what would count? If you proxy to the API with a 200 redirect rule at Netlify, that does flow through our CDN nodes and so would count as bandwidth used. Let’s pretend you query the API during the site build and create a 1 MB image file as a result (let’s call it “image A”). This image is hosted on our CDN so each time it is loaded by a new user it will be 1 MB of bandwidth used.

To summarize, bandwidth for billing purposes at Netlify is equal to the sum of all sent data between our CDN nodes and people web browsers for your sites.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.