SSL certificate out-of-sync with primary domain

I’ve recently changed my primary domain from to but now my SSL certificate is out of date and doesn’t work for

I’ve tried clicking on Renew but it doesn’t help. What can I do?

hey squiggle, we can’t really help if we don’t know the domain. Can you share?

if not please let us know the API ID or the netlify site name and tell us which subdomains this is regarding so we can take a look.

Oh sorry I didn’t realise I’d get support with powers!

The root domain is By the way I made a typo in the original message. I meant to say that my SSL certificate doesn’t work for

Thanks for the quick response,


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Hey Dan!

Appears like it needed a quick prod back-end to sync it all back up. Should be good as new now; thanks for bearing with us!

Nice, fixed - thanks guys

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