doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

Hi All,

I get the “ doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify. We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved.” error message. I followed the instructions from netlify docs, but I haven’t managed to solve the issue.

My netlify sitename is
My custom domain is

I’d highly appreciate your support!

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Howdy! :wave:t2:

So many layers and questions with domains and DNS :sweat_smile:

Did you buy the domain at Netlify or from another registrar? Do you want Netlify host your name servers and run all of your DNS at Netlify or are you just trying to get that one site/CNAME running?


Hi Jon,

I bought the domain from another registrar. Maybe another important thing to mention is that it used to work perfectly and at some point it stopped. Possibly when Netlify subdomains changed, not sure, though.

I also host another website at Netlify with another custom domain bought at the same non-Netlify registrar and everything works fine, no certificate issue.

Interesting, well since there’s some historical nature to it I may leave this topic for the official support team, but for the sake of covering bases, do you have that domain’s name servers hosted at that registrar or is the domain just registered there and you’re using Netlify name servers?

Netlify name servers.

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hi @bkowalski, thank you for your patience. Has there been any change to the problem? Have you tried renewing the certificate through the UI? If yes, are you receiving an error still? If so, which one?

Hi Perry,

Many thanks for reachin out! There has been no change. When I try to renew the certificate through the UI, I get this:


Hey @bkowalski, sorry for the trouble :frowning:

If you check here, you’ll see that we are not serving that domain:

But we are serving your other domain:

Could you please check your nameserver settings at your domain registrar? You’ll want them to be pointing to these servers:

If all looks correct on that end, I’ll have to go back to the drawing board…

Thanks very much for answering!
Please see below how it looks for the first domain:

…and the second:

Hey @bkowalski,

If we’re being honest – everything looks good from our end! Would you please be able to feed back to your domain registrar and ensure that there have been no changes at their end?

@bkowalski Some global DNS servers are picking up these settings, but others are not. Weird.

I would try making some kind of DNS change with your registrar to see if you can nudge the system to refreshing, and possibly propagating your DNS settings properly this time.