Sites no longer sorted in reverse chronological order

The sites used to be sorted in reverse chronological order of deployment which is invaluable.

This is no longer the case.

This could be related to your support folks recently removing the CDP from all our sites, if it sort order was last update, not deployment as I guessed.

Can it please be reverted or we have an option in the UI?


Hey @slim,

Sites are arranged by their last update time (latest first). It’s highly possible that when I disabled CDP for all the sites, that triggered a “site update”. Thus, when looping through all the sites in your account, the sites got updated in the order they were aligned in our database.

Sadly, the only way for you to change the order would be to trigger a change (could be anything small), for each site - first for the site you want to appear last. Or you can leave it as it is, and sooner or later it will fix itself as you’d continue to update your actively-developed sites.

Ah so it was that. Oh Well.

Feature request - option to sort the sites by reverse last deployed date. Made more complex I guess by having both previews and published deploys.


Totally understandable, will pass on that request to the team.