Almost all of the previous deploys for my site have disappeared

I used to have approximately 10 pages of previous deploys for my site in the Netlify dashboard, now there are less than 2 full pages of them. They’re not being hidden by a search filter, as far as I can tell, they’re just gone. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I think it was at some point this year (2023).

If anyone knows how I can get them back, I’d be very thankful.

We started a process where we delete old deploys longer than the last 90 days.

By default, Netlify will delete deploys after 90 days. Netlify will not delete the deploy currently published to your site (also called the published deploy), or the most recent successful deploy from a Git branch.
Here is some recent info we published about this change in effect since October of 2022:

Oh, that’s a shame. It was useful having the previous deploys to refer back to when I needed. Is there really no way to get them back?