Automated deploy cleanup and new deploy retention policies starting late October 2022

Starting no sooner than October 25, 2022, Netlify will begin automatically batch-deleting non-critical deploys older than 90 days. Alongside this release, Netlify is also introducing new, configurable deploy deletion policies for customers on Business and Enterprise plans who may want to keep deploys for longer or delete them more frequently.

Automatic deploy deletion will not impact your production site or your underlying source code hosted by your Git provider.

In order to be eligible for deletion, a deploy must meet these criteria:

  • The deploy is not the one currently published on your live site, and
  • The deploy is not the most recent, successful deploy from a given Git branch

To learn more about the why and how behind automatic deploy deletion, check out the blog post.

We’re always happy to get your feedback on how we can improve the Netlify platform and support your productivity. If you have feedback specifically about deploy deletion for Netlify, we invite you to complete this open survey. Thank you as always for your thoughts!


It is normal that I have deploys from 2019 that have not been purged yet? For reference, my domain is, and my automatic deploys deletion is set to the default value of 90 days.

Hey @SmashManiac,

It appears, this is a bug and would be worked on. Manual deploys created in and before 2019 are the ones that are affected. You can still manually delete those.

Thanks for the info @hrishikesh ! My domain has 75+ deploys affected by this bug though, and deleting them all one by one manually is quite arduous. I’m hoping a fix will come sooner rather than later!

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your continued patience.

Hi @SmashManiac I escalated this to our devs I understand why you wouldn’t want to delete them all manually. Would it be alright if we deleted manual deploys (before 2020) for you?

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I would indeed appreciate it @SamO ! I would prefer a global fix for everyone instead of receiving special treatment though. :slight_smile:

Hi @SmashManiac,

I would like to say thank you for your patience and while we are working on a global fix, I have deleted your deploys created in 2019. During the deletion process I realized we were triggering webhooks you may have setup for the deploy_deleted event. I caught this shortly after I started and just wanted to say sorry in advance for the email notifications :sweat_smile:.


Thank you very much @Yujohn_Nattrass ! I confirm that the offending deploys have been cleaned on my side! Fortunately I did not have the webhook set up, so it’s all good! :+1:

Looking forward to the global fix for everybody else! :muscle:

By the way, despite @Yujohn_Nattrass’s cleanup for my 2019 deploys, I just noticed that I still have several deploys past the 90-day threshold set for my site that are still available. The oldest one right now is from 2022-10-31, so 103 days old as of this writing.

Is this a separate bug? I was assuming a daily batch deletion at most.

Hi, @SmashManiac. I no longer see anything that far back for the site mentioned previously. 2022-10-30 is the oldest deploy at this time for that site.

Would you please confirm if you see the same or not? Also, if this is for a different site, please let us know.

Oops! I accidentally wrote the wrong month in my previous post, and fixed it with accordingly. Sorry @luke about the confusion!

The exact date that I am seeing for my oldest deploy is “Oct 31st, 2022 at 12:33 AM”, which is now 105 days old according to my calculations. I’m assuming the difference we’re seeing is because I’m located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Hi, @SmashManiac. I did get more information about this. The discrepancy is because the cleanup for your account was done manually so the date wasn’t precisely 90 days ago.

It will become 90 days only when the automated jobs being processing the cleanups. So, not today but soon.

Noted, thanks! I’m just surprised that said automated job hasn’t run for me for more than 2 weeks now though. I was assuming the job would run daily, especially considering that a 1 day retention policy is one of the available options, so it didn’t seem normal to me.

Hi, @SmashManiac. Your account appears to have been an unhandled edge case. A manual cleanup was done and the work to get the daily jobs running for your account is in progress.

Once the daily jobs are running, the behavior should be 90 days only are kept.

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