Automated deploy cleanup and new deploy retention policies starting late October 2022

Starting no sooner than October 25, 2022, Netlify will begin automatically batch-deleting non-critical deploys older than 90 days. Alongside this release, Netlify is also introducing new, configurable deploy deletion policies for customers on Business and Enterprise plans who may want to keep deploys for longer or delete them more frequently.

Automatic deploy deletion will not impact your production site or your underlying source code hosted by your Git provider.

In order to be eligible for deletion, a deploy must meet these criteria:

  • The deploy is not the one currently published on your live site, and
  • The deploy is not the most recent, successful deploy from a given Git branch

To learn more about the why and how behind automatic deploy deletion, check out the blog post.

We’re always happy to get your feedback on how we can improve the Netlify platform and support your productivity. If you have feedback specifically about deploy deletion for Netlify, we invite you to complete this open survey. Thank you as always for your thoughts!