Deploy Deletion

To give you peace of mind over old deploys, we’re giving Netlify team Owners and Collaborators the power to manually delete any deploy from the Netlify UI. This has been one of our most highly requested features, and we’re so glad to make it available to you and your team!

Owners and Collaborators can find the option to delete a deploy on the deploy details page at Site > Deploys . You can delete anything except for the deploy that was most recently published to a site’s main URL.

There are some considerations to bear in mind when cleaning up data you no longer need. You can find these details in the docs.

To make it even easier to clean up outdated and unnecessary data, Netlify will also begin systematically deleting failed or canceled deploys older than 6 months.

This feature was inspired by feedback from Netlify customers who requested the ability to delete deploys. Thank you to all who share your thoughts, whether on deploy deletion or other Netlify features! If you have feedback specifically about deploy deletion for Netlify, we invite you to complete this open survey. For any and all other topics, please do continue to share your thoughts and requests here on the Community Forums!


This is awesome!

Curious if the (potentially mass) deletion of deploys might decrease the storage space required (by Netlify) and perhaps save a few bucks in running costs?

hi Jasiqli, you are absolutely right about storage space. We are using way too much of it, and before needing to incur more costs to use more, we more interested in freeing up existing for sure! This won’t affect pricing as far as i know.


Perry is correct! This helps Netlify continue to run a reliable service for the long-term. Billing will not be impacted, as those builds have already run.

Thanks so much for the feedback, Jasiqli! We’re glad you’re enjoying the new delete functionality and are happy to hear your thoughts at any time.

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Stoked about this functionality! I do have a little bit of feedback:

  • On the topic of mass deletion: It would be nice to be able to select deploys from the deploy index to do bulk deletion. Consider this a feature request.
  • The UX after deletion can be a bit wonky. I just deleted all the deploys on my development branch manually. I did this by filtering the deploy list by branch, but after deleting each deploy I’m redirected to my full deploy list, not the filtered list at which I started. You can imagine that this makes the deletion process of all branch deploys slightly tedious. I’d love to see a redirect to the filtered list instead.

thank you @tomrutgers , I’ll convey those those thoughts to the appropriate team!


+1, thanks for the feedback @tomrutgers! That all makes sense.