Branch still live/active even after deletion

I created a branch of my site’s repo, for an experimental feature.

Uploaded it, tested it live at - all was working.

Decided to take it down - removed that branch from the deploys, but - it’s still live. I can still access that URL and the site is live.

Granted, this was only 4 hours ago. But it still happens from a different computer, so it’s not a local cache issue.

I’ve also tried un-linking and re-linking my site repo.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here - please forgive me for being a dumbass.

Just to make sure: Have you deleted every single deploy on the test branch?

Many thanks Tom.
Having done that - that solved it. At the time, it seemed like that couldn’t possibly be the solution because of how primitive it is (no offense to Netlify). And I didn’t see this in the docs or other help sections! But that did it.

Marking as solved.