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Delete branch deploy

Could you please help me with deleting published branch deploys? I deleted the project (recreated with different name to be exact), but these old branch deploys are still available. As I can see from other topics it can be done only by support engineers.
If just root domain is enough for that request, it was https://rsl-research.netlify.app/, and branch deploys look like https://[HASH]–rsl-research.netlify.app/ but if you need links to specific branch deploys, could you please contact me in DM?

Hey @biomancer,
I just checked our logs for *--rsl-research.netlify.app hosts, and all the ones I could find return “Not found” when I visit in the browser- it may have just taken some time for them to be purged from our cache after you deleted your site, or they may have been stored in your browser’s local cache. Please let us know if you’re still seeing them and we’ll keep investigating.

Hey I’m trying do the same with https://develop--quantvm.netlify.app but it is imposible for me

Hi, @javierlopezdeancos. The only way to delete branch deploys is to completely delete the site. You can then recreate the site with the same name if you like and the branch deploys will be gone.

This is what this topic is above, quoting the original poster above:

I see the site in question was created in 2019. This means it has not be deleted and recreated. Please try that and it will delete the branch deploys.

If that doesn’t work or if there are other questions, please let us know.