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Branch deploys links no longer working

“Branch deploys” are broken for me and I’m suspecting something has changed in the past few weeks as the were before.

The most recent example is from today where the link that comes through by email after a build results in a dead page – eg: “This site can’t be reached”

“Preview deploys” are working as expected.

Hi @wesort,

Which website is this regarding?

It’s a private project so I’d prefer not to say.

When you say broken, could you elaborate on what’s happening?

I’ve deleted your post as the screenshot contained the site’s URL. We’d continue debugging though.

Hi @wesort,

I think it’s the branch’s name that’s causing the problem. As per the standards, the subdomain cannot excel 63 characters. bug-parent-row-rate-affected-with-diabled-rows--****-****-******* makes it 65. This is a related thread: https://www.drupal.org/project/subdomain/issues/2402523.

Thanks @hrishikesh for the info and deleting that screenshot (I thought I’d redacted the URL?)

I didn’t know about the 63 character limit that DNS has. That explains why certain branch deploys respond with “This site can’t be reached” error page. Thank you.

However, that is only one issue I’m seeing on branch deploys. I have looked through my deploys and one example with a 51 character subdomain isn’t working either.
53 char subdomain

Any ideas what’s happening there? Once again, the “Preview deploy” functions just fine so the build is completing as expected.

Yes, you removed it from the Address Bar, but it was visible where it says, ‘This site can’t be reached’.

Well from my initial impressions it looks like there’s a typo in the name or something. This one is not being blocked by any kind of a DNS error, it simply says the address is not found. This would happen when the domain is pointing to Netlify, but it’s not connected to any website.

But I’ll investigate this further to see why this is happening.

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Hi @wesort,

While we’re investigating it ourselves, would it be possible for you to trigger a deploy (not from the UI) to one of the not working branches? You could make a small change, possibly add a character in a readme or something and push it.

We’re wondering on what can be the cause and this might help us (in)validate one of our theories.