Branch Deploy shows only production

I’ve enable branch deploys in my site configuration but when I got to the branch url for staging I see the main production site. The deploy preview url works as expected. My netlify site is

Any suggestions?

What’s the branch URL?

Also, if it’s possible to share repo it would be great, so we can check it little more easily.

The branch url is

The repo is private, unfortunately.


I can’t tell what’s happening behind the scenes by looking at the URL, but I think the official support team might find that information useful and would be able to guide you.

hi @a-pasquale - have you deployed a branch called staging?

Yes, the branch is called staging. I’ve added staging to the DNS records as well.

Yes, that’s the name of the branch.

hi there, sorry to be slow to reply. I have asked someone to take a look at this who can hopefully give you a little more information in a few days!

Thanks, we have a temporary workaround, but would like to resolve it. Appreciate you following up!

Hey there,
Thanks for your patience! It looks like you have the branch subdomains set as domain aliases here:

You should only need them set here: and since you’re hosting DNS with us, we should handle the DNS for that automatically. Here are our docs in case they’re helpful: Sites with multiple domains | Netlify Docs

Do you want to try deleting the domain aliases and see if that improves things?

Thanks for your help!

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