Ability to sort site list?

It would be really handy if the list of sites on our admin pages (e.g. https://app.netlify.com/teams/USERNAME/sites) was sorted by name, as it’s hard(er) to find a specific site in a long list.

Right now, I think it’s sorted by the date the site was added to my account. Or maybe the last deploy date? … It’s hard to tell. Actually, providing an option to choose the sort order would be nice. I can think of:

  • site name
  • last deploy
  • date added


If you know the specific site you’re looking for, you can always use the search option.

I mean … sure. But having that list in some sort of order makes more sense than the current situation, which I think is no order.

(And I’d posit that most people tend to think alphabetically about lists of things like this.)

The current order is last updated, which can be due to a build, or a setting change, etc. You can also pin your most used sites to the top. In any case, we’ll pass this to the devs.