Are there any open feature requests for Site List UI improvements?

We will be crossing the threshold into 20+ site builds and the Site Lists page is just not manageable.
I know the Team Overview was improved, but nothing is better for the Sites.


  • Customizable Display name for sites
  • Customizable Description (short) for sites
  • More build summary info on sites in list
  • Ability to hide sites from a main list (for all and per personalization) using a hidden sites filter.
  • More of a compact dashboard like view (customizable would be best)

I have been looking at the API to see if it possible to create a completely custom Site Dashboard, but some pieces of info like custom Display Site Names or descriptions don’t exist.

Thanks for listening.

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Hey @moop-moop,
These are great ideas- thanks so much for writing them up. I have definitely also wanted the “customizable display names for sites” one. We are discussing improvements along these lines internally, and I’ve added this thread to that conversation so we can be sure to follow up with you if/when there’s any movement. Thanks again.

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