I need a alias or description of the site of team

I use Netlify often, but there is one inconvenience.
I don’t know what the old site is as there is no description in each site item of the Team overview or Sites.
Sometimes I want to delete unnecessary sites, but I am anxious.
Is it impossible to introduce the ability to give an alias or description to each site item?

It’s a good suggestion and we do have an open feature request about better site labelling and organization. I don’t have any idea if we’ll implement it soon.

In the meantime, have you tried setting the site’s netlify sitename? That way you can maybe give yourself some clarity if the sites are named after their project. You can change a site’s “netlify name” without changing its custom domain, on the Site Settings page in the top config card, there is a button called “Change site name”. That name only shows if you have no custom domain, but hopefully that is still a help!

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